Harris Family Scholarship Criteria
Applicant Criteria
  1. Must have been accepted to or currently attending a college/university (please provide verification via photo or upload a copy of  latest semester transcript, class schedule or acceptance letter) when the essay is submitted
  2. Must be pursuing your first undergraduate degree
  3. Must be between the ages of 17-23
  4. Must submit a 500 word or more typed essay
  5. Scholarship funds will be awarded equally among applicants that meet the scholarship guidelines (Awardees will be notified at Saturday Banquet Dinner)
  6. Submit essay along with name, college/university attending and year (Freshman, Sophomore, etc.) by June 9th, 2018 to theharrisreunion@gmail.com

Graduation and Award Announcements - Email to theharrisreunion@gmail.com

Scholarship Essay - Due June 9th.  Please email essay & verification of enrollment (class schedule, acceptance letter, transcript, etc) to theharrisreunion@gmail.com

After the tragedy at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, the voices of young people like yourself have become more important and impactful than ever. How have you used your voice to make a difference in your community?