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Anna E Booker (Bond)
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March 11, 1949 Retired Married
Granddaughter of Eliza Harris Redmon
Daughter of Roxey A. Williams Booker Walton
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Elizabeth Reece (Boyd)
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March 21, 1900 Retired Committed Relationship 3
Just loving my retirement. Send Elizabeth a MessageSend Elizabeth a Message
Isaac Buckley
Profile picture Single
Isaac Buckley Hattie Neely Branch Great Grandson Send Isaac a MessageSend Isaac a Message
P Burnley
Shun Doughty
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Profile picture Educator - Behavior Interventionist/Specialist Married
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Andre Emmons
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July 17, 1977 Married
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Jennifer Fobbs (Fobb-Lamorte)
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August 12, 1986 Student Married

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Bonnie Joy Burnley (Grant)
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Profile picture SpEd Instructional Aide w/Duncanville ISD, Texas Single 4
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T C (H)
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Johnetha Lindsey
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July 06, 1985 Committed Relationship
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Wilfreda Lindsey
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December 25, 1988 student Committed Relationship
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Pearl Reese (Mckinney)
March 30, 1956 RN Committed Relationship 1
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Nina Payne
Profile picture Accountant
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Napthlai Porters
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Lorna Harrison (Pryor)
April 04, 1954 Pharmacy Manager Married 3
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Corey Reece
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Profile picture Married
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Karen Marquardt (Reece)
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Profile picture Grad Student Married
This family RULES! I'm honored to be a part of it. I'm married to Corey Reece, son of Earlie (Emmons) Reece. Send Karen a MessageSend Karen a Message
Londra Harrison (Harris) (Taylor)
July 16, 1956 Chemist Married 2
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Roxey A Williams (Walton)
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February 04, 1934 roxeyaw79@aol Retired Widowed 7
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Shenita White
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December 12, 1987 Old Navy & Student at Shaw University
I feel blessed to be a part of the Harris family. I am very nervous but very excited about meeting everybody. Send Shenita  a MessageSend Shenita a Message
Alfie Worthy
Profile picture United States Air Force / Active Duty 1
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